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Updated: Jun 2

VISION: FLY@UP's vision is that more students will choose to make use of the resources available at UP to enable them to graduate in the minimum time
MISSION: FLY@UP's mission is to motivate and encourage students to graduate in the minimum time by creating awareness about the resources available at UP, and making those resources more accessible for students.


Monthly events (virtual during COVID-19) promoting the support resources available at UP. Click here to access the contact details of the UP support network


Specsavers spectacles project

FLY@UP have partnered with Specsavers Hatfield to provide free spectacles to students whose academic success is threatened by poor eyesight


Quarterly newsletter

Exam Newsletter.

All your exam tips and tricks and information. Best wishes UP students!

Remember, the Finsih Line is YOURS!

Download the PDF version here 👇

FLY_UP Newsletter (Vol.2 of 4) _ 2022
Download PDF • 56.03MB


Reach out to us:

Facebook: Flyatup

Instagram: @flyatup

YouTube: FLY@UP

Website: www.up.ac.za/fly@up

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