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FLY@UP Newsletter (Vol.4 of 4) ✅🤓

Hey UP Exams are here! It is time to work hard and remain focused so that you can achieve your goals and pass your exams. All your dedication and studies are about to pay off. Keep pushing and keep believing in yourself.

FLY@UP has pulled together some motivation and tips and tricks, just for YOU this exam season. We are in this together The Finish Line is Yours

#GraduateOnTime Happy Reading 📖🧐 Download the FULL Newsletter with the active links here! 👇👇👇

FLY_UP 2023 Newsletter Vol.4
Download PDF • 23.30MB

💥⏰Download the Daily planner template here:

Daily Planner
Download PDF • 76KB

✅🤓 Download the goals template here:

Goals Sheet
Download PDF • 55KB

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