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Get the most from your Studies with these Organising Techniques.

To get the best results from your time at UP, being organised is the first step to a successful year. Establishing and maintaining a productive study and assignment schedule will help you stay on top of the ever-increasing workload.

Procrastinating is the worst thing for your studies and will cause added pressure and anxiety. Make use of these super tips to remain ahead of the curve and plan effectively for your exams.


Create a Study Timeline per Semester:

When you create a study timeline, you can effectively manage the workload and spread your revision over the weeks leading up to your final exams. When you allow yourself the required time per subject, you will give each subject the time and attention it needs.

Adding in a planning calendar in advance, and sticking to it, will give you a sense of direction. It will also showcase how much time you need to allocate to each subject and revisions over and above your classwork.

Ensure you cover off all the required topics and allow enough time for subjects you may battle with. Have a checklist to ensure you write down the main topics and subtopics you may need to cover.


Prioritise the Important Tasks:

Your schedule will include classwork, homework, and revision exercises. We have not even included social, family, friends, and downtime yet. Ensure you prioritise the essential tasks upfront, so you ensure they are done before you can head out with your mates. Make use of colour highlighters to understand where you stand with what is outstanding and what needs your urgent attention.


Set Time Limits to the Tasks:

Our brains can only focus for a limited period. 25-30 minutes is the crucial time that you can focus and retain information. Structure your study sessions into 30-minute blocks so you can remain focused and productive. Schedule breaks to recharge your brain, grab a coffee or water and stretch your body before starting again.


Set Goals for each Study Session:

When you outline a goal per session, you are more inclined to reach it. It will allow you to remain focused on the task at hand and not veer off into social media or a wandering mind.

Use the first few minutes of the study session to create your to-do list and outline the core tasks. The short-term goals are more likely to be done.


Understand your Peak Performance Times:

Some people are night owls, and some are morning people. Assess what is your most productive time and allocate your tasks around that. The times may not coincide with your friends, but that is ok. Your UP experience is going to be different from others. So make the best of when you are the most productive.

The initial feelings of excitement and nerves may start to pass, and now you may begin to feel a little homesick. It’s ok and natural to miss home sometimes. We have some tips on how to combat feeling lonely and homesick while studying at UP.

Click on FLY@ UP to go to our website for more information, tips, tricks and contact details to help you finish your degree on time!

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