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How to combat feeling homesick while studying at UP

The initial feelings of excitement and nerves may start to pass, and now you may begin to feel a little homesick. It’s ok and natural to miss home sometimes. We have some tips on how to combat feeling lonely and homesick while studying at UP.


Feel the emotion

It is ok to feel homesick, and you can wallow in the emotion for a while. It will affect most students, whether they are just down the road from home or halfway around the world. It is totally normal. A word of advice: give yourself a time limit for this feeling, and then get on with some of the great tips below to combat homesickness.


Go out, see friends and keep yourself busy.

It is not a good thing to stay locked up in your apartment or res. You will feel a lot better if you get outside, get some fresh air and socialise with some classmates. If you choose, you can get a part-time job to meet new people, join a social club at the Varsity, or even starting a sporting activity to get the blood pumping.


Bring your favourites from home to res

Surrounding yourself with familiarity at res will also help you cope better. Bring your fav blanket, snuggly toys, or even lots of family photo’s up in your room. The smell of home can often make you feel so much better, so have your favourite perfume, snack, or homemade biscuits ready for your downer days.


Touch base with home

With technology, it is easy to keep in touch with your family and friends back home. Adding in a regular family online chat, WhatsApp group, or even a set dinner date online can keep the blues at bay.

The main idea is to have lots to update your family with, so socialise with the people around you and keep focused on your studies, and not what is going on at home.

Lighten up on the social media

Trawling through social media is an excellent way to get you feeling severe FOMO. It is good to ensure you have enough fabulous things to post on your timeline rather than seeing what everyone else is up to.

Ensure you explore your new city, visit new places and gather your own unique memories.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

You will never be them, and they will never be you. Your path is your own, so make sure you have your own interests at heart. If you find it challenging and not coping, get in touch with your Faculty Student Advisor (FSA) and speak to someone about how you feel.


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