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Smart snacking: Easy ideas for recess.

It's time to take a much needed break, relax and recuperate. More often than not, this usually involves stuffing our faces with all kinds of unhealthy snacks.

Enjoy these affordable, easy to make snack ideas that your body will thank you for later.

1. Popcorn

Healthy, light treat that offers health benefits. Pop corn is a low in fat (as long a you don't overdo the oil or butter :)) and high in fiber snack.

It's "a better-for-you" alternative to other snacks like chocolate and crisps. Season as you wish to elevate your freshly popped popcorn.


2.Apple slices and peanut butter

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.

-Benjamin Franklin

This fresh, sweet and creamy ensemble is a healthy snack option and combination that works! Can also be topped with nuts, seeds or any dried fruit you like.


3. Frozen grapes

Pop your grapes into the freezer for 5-8 hours and enjoy a delicious, exciting snack.


4.Hard boiled egg with hot sauce

Top a protein rich egg with your favorite hot sauce to spice things up. Its a simple snack that will give you the power you need to get through the day.


5.Peanut butter banana toast

Super easy and yummy, a perfect grab and go snack. You can drizzle some maple syrup, honey and/ or sprinkle some cinnamon depending on what you like.


6. Homemade Hummus

This delicious spread or dip is made from chickpeas, tahini (cheaper substitute: peanut butter), fresh lemon juice and spices/garlic blended together until smooth. Can be enjoyed with vegetable sticks (carrots, peppers, cucumber), crackers, pita chips.


7. Homemade fruit popsicles

Easy, healthy and refreshing treat. You can whip these up in 5 minutes, blend and freeze! You can use different combinations of fruit (even those that are starting to spoil!), juices and yogurts.

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