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Student Counselling Unit

Your mental health is essential to your academic success.

Research shows that students with higher levels of mental health are more likely to achieve academic outcomes at university. Why is this so?

Our mental health includes our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It involves how we think, feel, and behave. Our mental health can influence our concentration, attention, motivation, ability to learn, memory, how we handle stress, how we relate to others, our sleep patterns, appetite and our daily choices or habits.

Just like physical health, mental health can fluctuate over time but there is a lot we can do to enhance our mental health. At the SCU, we are committed to supporting you in achieving academic success, higher levels of mental health and optimal overall wellbeing by providing the following essential online, free services:

SCU supportive resources to help you succeed in semester 2:

Supportive conversations with a Counsellor 24/7 – UP Careline

You can have a supportive conversation with a counsellor, any time, day or night via the UP careline. By phoning 0800 747 747, or sending and SMS to 31393, you can enjoy the support and advice of a registered counsellor standing by to assist you immediately. This service is available through our mental health partner SADAG.


Your Community of Care - UP Peer Support Groups

Join a UP Peer support group today! There are groups on various topics e.g. stress and anxiety, general mental health, grief and loss etc. To get more info or join, phone 0800 747 747. There are 2 groups running daily and one on Fridays. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to connect with your peers and contribute to this community of care!


"When your brain feels drained, get it trained!”

Online Cognitive Training program offered at the SCU. For strong and weak learners. Find out more. It's free of charge!


Career Assessment and Career Counselling

If you are uncertain about your field of study, we can assist you with career assessment and/or career counselling.


SCU Mental Health and Well-being podcast series

Listen to the episode on “Creating and maintaining a routine with online learning” to help you get into a productive routine this semester.


Wellness posters on a variety of topics:

Check out our posters for valuable info on a range of different topics that can help you succeed.


Online workshops

Upcoming workshop topics include Identity, diversity and self-esteem as well as Relationships and communication. Click below for more info! To register for a workshop, send an email to


The Chatbot SCU-B

This chatbot does not replace formal counselling but provides information on important aspects of mental well-being. You can also build your own personalised toolkit comprised of tips/skills to manage your mental health via this chatbot. To access SCU-B, logon to your student portal, click on SCU-B and login with your student details.


Online e-counselling sessions

We also offer online Individual counselling/therapy sessions for students who prefer structured counselling. We assist students with a wide range of mental health difficulties such as depression, anxiety, trauma, loss, relationship difficulties, self-esteem enhancement, issues related to sexuality/gender and more.

The Student Counselling Unit (SCU) would like to wish you a happy, healthy and productive 2nd semester!

To access our services, send an email to:

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